Lincolnshire Tyre Co Ltd

Lincolnshire Tyre Co Ltd was founded in 1996 by a group of three men who collectively had many years experience in all aspects of the tyre industry.

The company specialise in agricultural and large transport needs, alongside a full range of tyres, exhausts and batteries for the motorist.

We have a fleet of vehicles, all fully equipped to deal with any tyre problems, be they at a farm location, transport depot or at the roadside.

Lincolnshire Tyre Co Ltd prides itself on giving quick, reliable, courteous service whilst offering best value for money and expert advice.

Our call out service means that we are truly available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that our customers’ wheels stop

turning for the shortest time possible.

Please telephone or call into the depot for a quote. We offer free, friendly, no obligation vehicle checks for tyres, wheel alignment, batteries and exhausts, with service that is second to none.


Lincolnshire Tyre Co. Ltd can supply tyres from all the leading manufacturers, from budget ranges through to premium brands.

A comprehensive stock is held in the depot available for immediate fitting.

We provide a full supply and fitting service for exhausts and batteries. We also offer a puncture repair service.

For agricultural, commercial and industrial customers we are able to supply all manner of tyres, tubes and rims; for tractors, trailers, implements, forklifts and also heavy and light commercial vehicles.

We can advise on tractor ratio conversions.

Lincolnshire Tyre Co. Ltd can supply the following services and products to our customers -


We are the only local stockists of the NEXEN tyre brands.

We offer FREE tyre and pressure checks and FREE Wheel Alignment checks.


All depots offer comfortable, seated waiting areas, with free tea or coffee.

Tyre Tips

Remember to check your tyre pressures at least once every two weeks, this should be done when the tyres are cold, and always check before a long journey, or if the vehicle is to be fully loaded.

Don’t forget! Both under inflation and over inflation can be equally dangerous! They affect the steering, braking and the overall handling of the vehicle. If in doubt contact us for friendly expert help and advice.

Each time you check your tyre pressures remember to also take a look at the condition of your tyres. If you notice any uneven wear or have any other concerns seek professional advice as this could indicate any number of mechanical problems, including under or over inflation, unbalanced wheels, or the wheels being out of line.

If your vehicle is used infrequently, particularly if you live by the sea, and if the vehicle is parked outside where the rubber is exposed to sunlight, always check the tyres for cracking and deterioration. If you see any signs of this please seek expert advice.

IMPORTANT: Remember the minimum tread depth for car, light vans and their trailers is 1.6mm in the grooves of the central three quarters of the tread pattern, and around the total tyre circumference.

If you are in any doubt over any wheel or tyre related problem, please do not hesitate to call in to LINCOLNSHIRE TYRE CO. LTD for advice.

Wheel Alignment

Unless you have your alignment professionally checked you wouldn’t know until you see the damage that it’s done to your tyre.

Wheel misalignment affects grip, and that can be a serious hazard especially in the wet. So be safe!

We make no charge for checking wheel alignment.

Example -

If you are running on 155/80 R13 tyres they rotate 914 times every mile. If one wheel is misaligned by 3mm, then every mile you drive, that wheel will be pushed sideways by nearly 3metres. (3mm x 914 = 2740mm) and remember you won’t be able to feel anything.